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Schedule of Meetings, Readings, & Screenings

Key to abbreviations for assignments listed on this page:

IALPS Impressionism: Art, Leisure, & Parisian Society by Robert Herbert (page #s)
PI Post-Impressionism by Belinda Thomson (page #s listed for each entry)
TBA To be announced
Online You can access several of the readings below online; just click on the hyperlink for that reading. If a reading is not hyperlinked, it is only available in the texts listed above. Note that the online readings are PDF files, readable only via Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free at http://www.adobe.com

Please note: this syllabus is subject to change (with notice).

Section I: History and Influences

Week 1         Introduction to Impressionism and the Art Market

January 8-10

Reading: IALPS Conclusion
In-class video: Selected excerpts from The Impressionists: The Other French Revolution
Assignment: Writing assignment #1

Week 2        History & Setting: Haussmann and the New Paris

January 15-17

Reading: IALPS Chapter 1
Graduate Supplement: Clark, Chapter 1
In-class video: Selected excerpts from The Impressionists: The Other French Revolution
Assignment: Quiz

Week 3        Artistic Influences: The Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Neo-Baroque

January 22-24

Reading: skim IALPS Chapters 3-7 to select your group
  Sign up for Impressionist Themes Group Presentation on Thursday

Week 4         Artistic Influences: Realism and Photography

January 29-31

Reading: IALPS Chapter 2 pp. 33-47 and 50-57
Assignment: Quiz and meet with your Group Presentation members to develop outline
Review: Bring you questions for Exam 1 to class on Thursday; TA Exam Review

Week 5        Exam 1 / Manet

February 5-7

Reading:  Review previously assigned chapters for Exam 1 and
Re-read your Group Presentation chapter 
Graduate Supplement: Clark, Chapter 2

Exam 1 on Tuesday (Study Slides)


Section II: Impressionism and its Artists

Week 6        Manet

February 12-14

Reading: IALPS Chapter 3
Graduate Supplement: Clark, Chapter 4
Assignment: Group Presentation outline due Tuesday and Quiz

Week 7        Monet and Renoir

February 19-21

Reading: IALPS Chapter 6


Week 8        Degas, Cassatt, and Morisot

February 26-28

Reading: IALPS Chapter 2 pp. 47-50, Chapter 4, and Chapter 7 pp. 280-284
Assignment: Quiz

Week 9       Spring Break

March 5-7

Spring Break


Week 10      Rodin and Claudel; Exam 2

March 12-14

Reading: Review previously assigned chapters for Exam 2

Exam 2 on Thursday  (Study Slides


Section III: Impressionist Themes

Week 11      Group Presentations

March 19-21

Group Presentations
Tuesday: Group I. Café & Café-Concert
Thursday: Group II. Theatre, Opera, and Dance
Individual follow-up reports due

Week 12     Group Presentations

March 26-28

Reading: IALPS Chapter 5
Group Presentations
: Group III. Parks, Racetracks, and Gardens
Thursday: Group IV. Suburban Leisure
Individual follow-up reports due


Week 13       Group Presentations and Exam 3

April 2-4

Reading: IALPS Chapter 7
Group Presentations
: Group V. At the Seaside/Review & Take-Home Exam 3 Assigned
Individual follow-up reports due

Take-Home Exam 3 due on Thursday via email attachment by 7pm (Study Slides)


Section IV: Post-Impressionism

Week 14       Toulouse-Lautrec and Seurat

April 9-11

Reading: PI Introduction and Chapter 1 (11-19)
In-class video: Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmarte (2005)
Course Evaluations online this week on the DUCK.


Week 15       Cézanne and Gauguin

April 16-18

Reading: PI Chapter 1 (19-22, 28-32)
Course Evaluations online this week on the DUCK
**Bring your laptop to class on Thursday.


Week 16     Van Gogh and Review

April 23-25

Reading: PI Chapter 1 (22-28, 33-39)



1. Photograph or bring to class a piece of Impressionist and/or Post-Impressionist “kitsch” on Thursday.
2. Writing assignment #2
3. Graduate papers due Thursday


Final Exam

Exam 4 Tuesday, April 30th from 5:00-7:00pm in UC 272. (Study Slides)