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Study Slides


Each of the following links corresponds to our weekly slide lectures.
Use these slides to study after lectures and before exams.

Note that these are large PowerPoint files that will take a while to download.


Section I: History and Influences

Week 1         Introduction to Impressionism and the Art Market

Week 2        History & Setting: Haussmann and the New Paris

Week 3        Artistic Influences: The Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Neo-Baroque

Week 4         Artistic Influences: Realism and Photography

Section II: Impressionism and its Artists

Week 6        Manet

Week 7        Monet

Week 7        Renoir

Week 8        Degas

Week 8        Cassatt and Morisot

Week 10      Rodin and Claudel

Section III: Impressionist Themes Group Presentations

Week 11      I. Café & Café-Concert

                    II. Theatre, Opera, and Dance

Week 12       III. Parks, Racetracks, and Gardens

                    IV. Suburban Leisure

Week 13       V. At the Seaside

Section IV: Post-Impressionism

Week 14       Toulouse-Lautrec and Seurat

Week 15       Cézanne and Gauguin

Week 16       Van Gogh