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All assignments are due on time; I accept no late papers, quizzes, or exams without an officially documented medical emergency. To obtain course documents in an alternative format and to request accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center, disabilityservices@mail.clayton.edu; I’m happy to work with you and the DRC on these accommodations.

Completion and submission of all assignments are your own responsibility. Falling behind is especially easy to do in online classes, which don’t feature the regular rhythm of on-campus classes, so be methodical about your scheduled assignments to help you succeed in the course. Your active participation and willingness to keep pace with all assignments are essential to your success in the course.

Attendance, Participation, Writing Assignments and Quizzes (20%)

We will have frequent short quizzes and occasional writing assignments on your readings and the images that we are studying. These are designed to help you keep pace with our readings and concepts throughout the semester. See the Grades page for attendance and participation information.

Exams and Final Exam (60%)

Four exams (including the cumulative final exam) will consist of slide identification, short answer, and essay questions.

Graduate students will also write an 8-10 page paper on a topic approved by the professor.

Impressionist Themes Group Presentation and Individual Report (20%)

Working together as a group, you will study one of five chapters assigned from Robert Herbert's book about Impressionist subject matter and present that knowledge to the class in a creative way. You will also write a short report summarzing your duties related to this presentation. See the Impressionist Themes Group Project Description for complete instructions on the assignment.