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All assignments are due on time; I strongly discourage late work, as it will not earn you full credit. Generally, for each day past the due date, your assignment's grade will drop by a letter grade. That said, I do understand that life often competes for our time, so definitely come to me if you're struggling with due dates so that I can help you succeed! Please provide an official documentation for make-up exams or incompletes. If you know in advance that you need to miss a quiz, exam, or due date, contact the instructor in advance too.

Completion and submission of all assignments are your own responsibility. I am here to help, but your active participation and willingness to keep pace with all assignments are essential to your success in the course. To obtain assignments in an alternative format and request accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Coordinator.

Quizzes (35%)

We will have short closed-note weekly and/or daily quizzes on your readings and films throughout the semester.

Exams (40%)

Our exams may include clip-analysis, short-answer, multiple-choice, and/or essay questions. Always bring two pens for in-class exams and quizzes. All quizzes and exams are closed note/book. No outside sources are permitted.

Lockdown Browser and a webcam monitor are required for any D2L Quizzes and Exams. You must leave the webcam on for the duration of each test, since it is proctoring the test in the professor's absence; doing otherwise is equivalent to walking the test out of a classroom and then coming back to hand it in—and that is not legal. In fact, it qualifies as Academic Dishonesty. To be clear: disabling, covering, or redirecting the webcam camera during the tests earns you a 0 on the test and risks an F in the course and a record with Student Judicial Affairs. Seeking answers from unauthorized sources like a phone, earbuds/headphones, web search engines, Quizlet, class notes, books, other sources (including people), etc. is also illegal with the same penalties, since these are closed note tests of your own knowledge about film, not what Google knows.

For this reason, a video environment check is REQUIRED at the start of each test. This is not simply a recording of you sitting in front of the camera; instead, pick up your computer/webcam and move it around to reveal and record the area around your workspace—so thoroughly that you are proving that you do not have any phones or other illegal sources available during this test. Again, this webcam and environment check are required for each online test, since they are proctoring the test in the professor's absence.

Students who violate these policies may be formally charged with Academic Misconduct. The minimum penalty in such cases will be a zero on the assignment and an F in the course. As university regulations stipulate, students guilty of Academic Misconduct may also be suspended or expelled. All instances of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Office of Student Life/Judicial Affairs. Judicial procedures are described at https://www.clayton.edu/community-standards/

Multiple students earned F’s in the course last term and a record with Student Judicial Affairs because of their Academic Misconduct in violating these procedures; don’t let that be you! And of course, if you practice Academic Integrity throughout our course together, you will excel on your own merit—and learn so much about movies that you’ll never watch them the same way again!

Attendance & Participation (25%)

Attendance and Participation are mandatory. See the Grades page for details.

Graduate Feminist Film Analysis Paper

Graduate students' papers require original thought and critical thinking—not a compilation of someone else’s ideas. So for our class, you will perform in an 8-10 page paper your own "close reading" analysis of a single film. See the Feminist Film Analysis Paper page for full details.

See my Comments Guide for a key to understanding my comments on your papers and for suggestions on how to write your very best work.