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Course Requirements

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Attendance (7%) & Participation (8%) (15% total)

You are expected to attend all classes, lectures, and film screenings, to be punctual and attentive, and to be prepared to participate in daily class discussion of our assignments. (For online courses, class attendance and participation are measured in terms of timely and thorough completion of weekly assignments, video lectures, films, quizzes, and exams.) Note that your presence or absence in the classroom determines only your attendance grade; your participation grade depends upon your demonstrated involvement with and completion of our assigned material during class discussions (or in a timely and thorough manner in online courses). To do so, you should:

1)     Complete assignments before the class meeting/dates for which they are assigned.

2)     Demonstrate evidence of your having read the texts and films with care.

3)     Raise interesting questions and comments in discussion.

4)     Offer informed, interesting answers to others’ questions and comments .

If you attend all classes, you will earn *extra credit* on your attendance grade. If necessary, two absences will not adversely affect your grade (an A), but each absence thereafter will lower your attendance grade by a full letter grade (an A to a B, etc.). Thus, you should use these two absences well: save them for illness, religious worship, travel, etc. If you arrive at class after I have taken roll, you will be marked “late”; two “late” marks equal one absence. Absence from more than 20% of class meetings before midterm is grounds for course failure (an F) and/or administrative withdrawal. If you find that you must miss a class, you are still responsible for the material covered and films screened during your absence. Be advised that some of our in-class films may be difficult to obtain outside of class.

Those who choose to text, to frequently exit the classroom during lecture, or to create other disruptions will be asked to leave the classroom since these behaviors disrupt your classmates and professor very much. Each disruptive instance will be marked as a tardy or absence. Thus, any texting in class or repeatedly leaving the classroom during lecture will also lower your final course grade.

See the Assignments page for a breakdown of the remaining details of your overall course grade.