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 FILM 2100 Study Guides & Film Links

Click on the following headings for study guides for our course material:

Film Studies Terminology

I strongly recommend that you use this list of terms to help you study while you are reading the chapter before class. You can also bring it to class with you; it will be similar to the list that appears on the back of each of your screening fact sheets. Learning these terms *before* class will help you focus your note taking during class (so that you won't have to worry about spelling, etc.). Further, this list nicely serves as a study guide for quizzes and exams.


Screening Fact Sheets

You'll find documents that are identical to our weekly fact sheet handouts here.


In-Class Screening List

Use the In-Class Screening List to review clips seen during class lecture. A copy of this list was distributed during the first week of class. Bring it with you every day so that you will stay up to date on which clips we've seen for which topics.



Feel free to email me any questions you have at any time during the semester. I'll post the answers to questions I receive outside of class via email here. Use these to help you study for quizzes and exams.


Study Clip Quizzes

Our 20 study clips are required out-of-class exercises on D2L. They will help you to learn our film terminology and especially to recognize how those terms are employed onscreen. This is the most important skill you will learn in this course, so do not skip these valuable exercises. 

Each clip is worth one percentage point of your final course grade; all of the study clips together add up to 20 points total, so the study clips make up 20% of your final course grade. That means if you earn a "0.7" on a particular week's study clip, then that's 70% of the 1.0 point possible for that clip. If you earn a "1.0" on a study clip, then you earned 100% of that one percentage point toward your final course grade. 

Important Steps Before Beginning the Study Clip Quizzes:

You may practice each clip question up to 5 times but ONLY during the section for which it is assigned, so don't forget! Your graded score will be an average of all 5 attempts, so if you don't score well on the first attempt, you have four more opportunities to bring up your average.

You should download and view these online clips only while connected to the CSU network or a high-speed internet connection. These files will take much longer to download if you are working on weak connection.

All pop-up blockers must be turned off on your computer. These clips will open in a new browser window.