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All assignments are due on time; I accept no late papers or late quizzes. Please note that without an officially documented medical emergency, there will be no make-up exams or incompletes. To obtain this document in an alternative format and request accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Coordinator.

Completion and submission of all assignments are your own responsibility. Your active participation and willingness to keep pace with all assignments are essential to your success in the course.

Quizzes (35%)

We will have short weekly and/or daily quizzes on your readings and films throughout the semester.

Exams (40%)

Our exams may include clip-analysis, short-answer, multiple-choice, and/or essay questions. No blue books are needed, but always bring two pens for in-class exams and quizzes.

Attendance & Participation (25%)

Attendance and Participation are mandatory. See the Grades page for details.

Graduate Feminist Film Analysis Paper

Graduate students' papers require original thought and critical thinking—not a compilation of someone else’s ideas. So for our class, you will perform in an 8-10 page paper your own "close reading" analysis of a single film. See the Feminist Film Analysis Paper page for full details.

See my Comments Guide for a key to understanding my comments on your papers and for suggestions on how to write your very best work.