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Please note that without an officially documented medical emergency, there will be no make-up work or incompletes. Also, I strongly discourage late papers, as they will not earn you full credit for your work. For each day past the due date, your paper grade will drop by a letter grade; papers late in class lose 1/3 a letter grade and papers late the same day lose 1/2 a letter grade. Completion and submission of all assignments are your own responsibility. To obtain this document in an alternative format and request accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center.

Note also that your active participation and willingness to keep pace with the material in the following assignments are essential to your success in the course.

Attendance & Participation (15%)

See Grades page for full details on attendance and participation.

Class Assignments (10% total)

We will conduct several written and/or creative assignments--both in-class and out-of-class--that will help us understand the course material more thoroughly. These assignments will include take-home writing assignments, creative group projects, and a required online web chat. See course schedule for dates and my Comments Guide for a key to understanding editorial comments.

Textual Analysis Paper (30%)

Over the course of the semester, you will write a short Textual Analysis Paper that analyzes a documentary film. You will also participate in multiple Writing Workshops with classmates as part of this assignment. See the schedule for mandatory dates and my Comments Guide for a key to understanding editorial comments.

Your written submissions and workshop participation are graded as follows:

Assignment % of Paper Grade % of Course Grade
Thesis & Outline 15% 5%
Textual Analysis Paper 45% 15%
Revised Paper 40% 10%
Workshop Comments   5% (in Participation)
  100% 35% of Course Grade

Daily Quizzes (15%) and Exams (30%) (45% total)

There will be daily quizzes and three exams. See the schedule for dates.